We understand that building your home may be a challenging process. Sencon Homes’ efficient, economical design and construction advice safeguards your project from the start. Prior to meeting with your architect, we can assist you in the planning, so what you design will work with your budget. We eliminate the risk of designing something you may not be able to afford.

It is important to Sencon Homes that you are kept informed across all aspects of your project including timelines, materials, and estimated budget. We ensure transparency throughout the entire process.

There may be times where you may have already engaged a builder but may be finding it difficult to navigate through the process. Sencon Homes can also act as an independent consultant to ensure that you receive the quality build you have signed up for.

If you are unsure about something, ask us. We are always happy to assist our clients in finding a better way to achieve their goals.

Our services include but are not limited to;

– Town planning advice and applications
– Design Planning
– Obtaining building permits / approvals
– Residential developments including multi-unit developments
– Interior design
– Defects rectification
– Subdivisions


Our company provides a variety of services for insurance building repair works. Sencon Homes can also take on insurance repair work due to natural disasters or accidents, which would be covered under your home insurance policy. We can provide you the comfort of undertaking the repairs quickly and efficiently to ensure that your day to day life is back to normal as quickly as possible.


Sencon Homes is a leader in all types of residential developments, including renovations. We can build or renovate your dream home or development. Our extensive building experience and knowledge means you are in safe hands. We will not compromise on our quality as this is our passion. Every project we undertake is approached with focus and precision to deliver results that far exceed expectations. Our enthusiasm for building shows in every job we take on. What defines us is our team work and collaboration which continues to drive our success.


Sencon’s positive attitude and collaboration is what defines us. We have proven ourselves through our culture. Our boundless communication skills, transparency, and can do approach puts us at the forefront. We partner with contractors and experts in the commercial field to ensure we continue to push limits. We strive to push boundaries and our commitment to commercial delivery through innovation allows for greater competitive solutions. Sencon can explore your commercial dream, whether it is retail, commercial, industrial, medical or education. Please contact us for further information.